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The best decision I have ever made in my long career in fitness was to take my work with women's bodies online. With a push from the pandemic, I created The Experiment, and I have been hanging out, and working out, on zoom with groups of women all over the world ever since.

For the past three years, I have shared everything I know about women's fitness to a group of women who seriously brighten my day with their enthusiasm and commitment to their strength and power.

The women of The Experiment are truly one of a kind, and the results they are getting is mind blowing. I teach classes 5x a week, and whether they show up live or catch yesterday's replay, they are getting stronger every day in ways they never have before.

The Experiment is different than other online fitness programs. It is interactive and guided. It is personalized and welcoming. It is geared for women of all ages, all sizes, all levels. I give on the fly corrections and modifications. I am available for questions after every class I teach. I am reachable in the dm's, and clients can make an appointment with me to discuss body goals and workout strategy. 

The Experiment is come as you are. All you have to do is show up, and I will guide you through fitness sequences that are designed to be intense or gentle depending on how hard you want to work on any given day. I demonstrate, I cheer you on, I watch you closely, I am here for you. My clients can feel the energy in the “room” just like they did at my tiny beachside studio in LA, but now my studio is a screen, and my neighborhood is the world. What could be better?

“Bend your knees a little bit, Katie. Yes, that’s it. Great.” “Reach way up on that one, Sarah. A little more forward. Yes. Nice work. So good.” I can see them, encourage them, help with their form. I can demonstrate alternatives to work around injury just like I would in-person.

In a few week's time, I can actually see their bodies getting stronger. I can see flexibility in places they didn’t have before. I see them standing taller, with less effort. I watch their posture change and their cheeks get pink. Everyone feels better after class, they are glowing and smiley. It’s so beautiful.

We are such an interesting bunch of women. We are 22. We are 72. We are everything in between. We have real bodies of all shapes and sizes. We haven’t exercised in years, we have worked out daily for our whole lives. We are working from home, we are back in the office. We are homeschooling, we are empty-nesters, we are pregnant. We have zero time to ourselves, we have plenty of time to ourselves. We are trying something new to see if it feels good. We are doing an Experiment.

Sometimes we are grumpy when we show up, but that never lasts. We start to move our bodies and breathe and stretch and sweat and smile and the world looks better to us. It’s such a simple thing. 45 minutes to a happier, calmer mind and a stronger body? Yes, please.

Moving your body feels good. Getting stronger feels good. Showing up for something just for you feels good. Being in a virtual room with other women, is community, and community feels good. 

After teaching 750 classes in this program, I can honestly say that my body is stronger and happier than it's ever been. My clients are having the same experience. Come check out The Experiment, and see for yourself just how powerful your body can feel.

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Kimberley Dashiell

Fitness Coach | Speaker | Strategist

Hi! I am Kimberley.

I have been a fitness coach and yoga teacher in Los Angeles since 1980. I love to help women build long-term strength, endless comfort, and ageless beauty by providing them with individualized fitness programs for all ages and stages of life. I have helped thousands of women achieve boundless fitness through my exquisite exercise sequences. So whether you are in the best shape of your life or you are just starting out, my thoughtful approach will give you results like you have never experienced before.


5-15-50 Program

5-15-50 is a self-paced course that teaches you the basics of all my signature strength moves.

18 workout videos  

5, 15, and 50 minutes long.

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The Experiment

The Experiment is a live, online group fitness program for women. All ages, all sizes and shapes, all levels are welcome. 

5x a week live workouts on Zoom to choose from, daily q&a after class.

750 replays in our library, or in The Experiment Facebook group.


VIP Private Training

VIP Private Coaching is individually designed to address injuries, health challenges, body prep for an upcoming event or performance. 1-1 sessions or grab a girlfriend or two and form a VIP Pod. 

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