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What is 5-15-50 Fitness?

Did you ever set a big exercise goal? Most of us have. Whether we decided to run the big race, keep a new workout schedule, or fit into a certain pair of jeans, we have all set that big goal. But here is my question: Does setting the big goal work? Sometimes. Does it work in all seasons of life. No. Do you feel defeated when you can't keep a commitment to yourself? Probably. Is there another way? YES.

I decided to design and develop a fitness program from the ground up, taking a look at the minimum amount of exercise and time that would be required to feel the results. I want my clients to feel good. I want them to learn that feeling good is the most important thing. I got excited to explore the possibility of creating a program that not only feels good, but is easy to follow, and is so streamlined and fun that it is un-quit-able. 5-15-50 was born.

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Fitness made easier

This is not the first time I have designed a fitness program in this manner. I do it with my clients daily, both in class and in private sessions. I did it for myself when I was pregnant x4 and had to modify and minimize the intense workouts I used to do in my 20's and 30's. And I certainly do it now that I am in my fifties, and I am past the point of thinking that this is the year my body will be the best it ever was. Those days are over, and I am beyond ok with that. I want a healthy, happy body that performs the tasks that I desire, feels good, and lasts a long time.

Gone are the days of, "I have to workout everyday." Or "I have to workout for an hour three times a week." Those goals stop working at some point in your busy life, or at some point in your busy work week.'s ok!!! We all do it. We all fall off the fitness wagon. We have all done it, and we will all do it again! But the question is this. How do you get started and keep on going with fewer breaks? The answer is that you start small and build from there. Starting small feels good.

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This is 5-15-50 Fitness

This is the 5-15-50 approach. If you have 5 minutes, then you have time to get started. Before you know it, your 5 minutes turns happily into 15 minutes. And one day, you look down at the time, and you have done 50 minutes, and can't even believe fitness could be so easy!

Building habits in fitness is everything! Starting small is the key to success, I promise that trying a new approach and starting small will bring the big results you are looking for. If the big results you want are lifelong fitness that feels great and is easy to do, you are in the right place. Trust me. I know things. I have been doing this for decades.

If you want to come and check out the amazing 5-15-50 Women's Fitness Program, we would love to have you!

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Kimberley Dashiell

I have been a fitness coach and yoga teacher in Los Angeles since 1980. I love to help women build long-term strength, endless comfort and ageless beauty by providing them with individualized fitness programs for all ages and stages of life. I have helped thousands of women achieve boundless fitness through my exquisite exercise sequences. So whether you are in the best shape of your life or you are just starting out, my thoughtful approach will give you results like you have never experienced before.

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