Ready for a little Fitness Experiment?

Access this exclusive replay of my live, virtual workout class to explore new ways to move your body and feel amazing. 


The Experiment is for you if...

- If you've been thinking about joining The Experiment and you've been on the fence, because you have no idea what kind of work I do.

- If you want to finally learn how to do a squat in the right way for your unique body.

- If you want to once and for all learn how to work your abs without hurting your neck.

- If you want to feel what it feels like to take a live class and be in community with a bunch of really cool women.

- If you want to spend 45 minutes knowing for sure that your body is going to feel better after class.

- If you've never thought about combining the best of fitness with the smartest of yoga with the wisdom of a 40 year VIP trainer.

- If you are ready to Experiment with live, at-home workouts that really work for women of all shapes and sizes, ages, and levels.


All these reasons and more for you to catch this this special replay of our virtual class!

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