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What Is The Experiment?

The Experiment is a fitness program of all ages, all sizes, all levels...

It’s designed for women who want to work out and hang out live on zoom 5x times a week.
The Experiment is for women who are committed to figuring out, once and for all, how to work out inside our homes so that we always have a home workout to fall back on.
It's basically a workout and hangout situation where I can get to know you and your body, and help you modify motions and positions just for you.
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5 Reasons To Join The Experiment!

1) You want to be strong enough to feel the impact on your whole life.

2) You want individualized attention and strategy, but you don’t want to schlep to the gym and hire a young trainer who may or may not know what they are doing.
3) You have been way too sedentary and you have no idea how to get this fitness party started.
4) You thought you could grab free workouts off of the internet, and just make yourself do them, but that really didn’t work out for you at all.
5) You want a world-class fitness coach, who specializes in meeting you where you are, supports women of all sizes, ages, shapes, and levels, AND helps you feel good in the process of transformation.
BECAUSE there’s only one way to have the body you want.
You just have to START. But start with some expert guidance in a kicka$$ group program with as much or as little accountability as you want.
Get Strong Today.

What are you waiting for???
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I'm Ready to JOIN!!

This Is Fitness

Workouts from anywhere, wherever you are...

Whenever you want, as often as you want to...
Crank up the intensity or mellow it out, however you feel that day...;
Activate your abdominals.
Fire up your glutes.
Carve out time for cardio. 
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Kimberley Dashiell

I have been a fitness coach and yoga teacher in Los Angeles since 1980.
I love to help women build long-term strength, endless comfort and ageless beauty by providing them with individualized fitness programs for all ages and stages of life.
I have helped thousands of women achieve boundless fitness through my exquisite exercise sequences.
So whether you are in the best shape of your life or you are just starting out, my thoughtful approach will give you results like you have never experienced before.
Join The Experiment NOW!
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